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Our special landscapes are full of places that pull on your heart, that draw you to what is important. These places are special and distinguished as different and are unique for each person. Faith does not just happen in a place of worship, but can happen anywhere as one acknowledges the almighty creator of our world.

Tiffany's passion to create is an outpouring of her faith in God and an attempt to capture and reflect the beauty of God's character through expressing His creation. She believes that God has created our world for us to savor, enjoy and steward.

Tiffany finds God's character and beauty in any environment, whether in our landscape, urban settings, people and more. She is inspired by how the light changes as time passes, and how it affects the color of the surfaces of where it lays.  Her hope is that you are able to see glimpses of the character of God as she embraces the beauty that He has created in various works of art.

Reflected Blues
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